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on the country's uprising. cause of low unilaterally broke away from serbia three years ago kosovo unilaterally broke away from serbia three years ago. belgrade and authorities are discussing day-to-day issues to break the stalemate. >> the handshake alone was symbolic. after three years of frozen conflict, this was the first time that serbia and kosovo dates to face-to-face talks. led by the european union, the carrot of closer to your -- european union membership may cause parties to give ground. on the initial agenda, finding solutions to day-to-day problems, said that the fact that kosovo registered cars cannot currently enter serbian territory that they will start around the core issue of independence. serbia says kosovo is still its own province but for kosovo the independence of non-negotiable. >> we are building the bridge. i can tell you they're great proposals for both sides and we will continue working with them and implementation when the time comes. but what i need to say now is there are some topics in which we are getting closer, much more than some others. >> here we are -- of c
in afghanistan in just eight weeks. 's broke away from serbia unilaterally three years ago -- kosovo broke away from serbia unilaterally three years ago. to addressempting day-to-day issues. >> after three years of conflict, this was the first time that syria and kosovo had engaged in face-to-face talks. led by the european union, the hope is that today are moving closer to membership -- the hope is that they are moving closer to membership and make give ground on certain issues. they will skirt around the core issue of independence. serbia says kosovo is still its own province, but those of us as the issue of independence is not negotiable. >> there are some great proposals from both sides. we will continue working on them and the implementation when the time comes. what i need to say now is that there are some topics on which we are getting closer than some others. >> a first try perhaps to address the practical issues which might have improved the lives of citizens, advance our agenda to the european union. >> so they left, buoyed by a seemingly fruitful burst round, a hugely significant mom
. in kosovo, there is renewed tension in the capital of view the rest of nine former members of the kosovo liberation army. around 2000 people protested at the arrest last week. >> in the center of the town, they gathered, veterans of a war they will always see as they're just liberation struggle. they chanted slogans against the european union's rule of law mission in kosovo. last week, it arrested nine former members of the ethnic albanian kosovo army. among those targeted by the once was one of the most senior ex- members, a former transport minister. the charges date back to the 1990's were in kosovo. the serbian albanians dominated. over 10,000 people were killed. hundreds of thousands were driven from their homes. nato intervened to bomb the serbian positions. fresh questions have been announced recently about the role of the kla. last december, the human rights watchdog alleged they captured serbs and albanians after the war to remove and sell their organs. the ex-kla chief and prime minister vehemently denies the claims. these protesters said the facts of the war are clear and the
over the killings. there's been an angry reaction in kosovo in the arrest of nine former members of the kosovo army. around 2,000 people gathered in the city to voice their opposition of the arrest by the e.u.'s rule of law commission. we have more. >> in the center, they gathered . veterans of an award -- veterans of a war they will see as their liberation. nine former members of the liberation army were arrested on suspicion of war crimes among those targeted is one of the most senior exk.l.x. members, a former transport minister. the charges date back to the 1990 eswar in kosovo. then serbian ethnic albanian dominated the province. a separatist insurgence as i. nato intervened to bomb positions. but recently fresh questions have been asked about the k.l.a.'s role. last december the council of human rights watchdog said the k.l.a. captured some to remove and sell their organs. the prime minister was said to be complicit. he vehemently denies the claims. but these protesters say the facts of the war were clear and that the k.l.a. acted out of self-defense. it's been almost a yea
kosovo. german authorities are investigating possible links to terrorism. president obama called this an outrageous act. the victims of not been identified. >>> online document is on the rise. and honda recalls 39,000 cars in the u.s. caption: linda bell has more. the employment index that measures on our job demand rose in february from january. the d.c. area recorded positive annual growth last marks. online.demand grew in the d.c. area, but it still reported the second lowest of nine great year over year, coming in above baltimore. administration officials launched a campaign to preserve as much as they can of $50 million in foreclosure prevention a former owners. this comes amid criticism for republicans and democrats. the cause financial services committee will look at the home modification program and three other programs today. there's a recall to talk about in the automobile industry. honda is recalling 52,000 honda civic hybrids globally because of a faulty battery converter which affects 39,000 models in the u.s. that is business news, i am linda bell reporting for abc
endive and two others wounded. >> a man from kosovo is in custody. president obama dollars to get justice. emily schmidt has more on this. >> good morning. we are still waiting to learn the names of those two killed in yesterday's attack. a military says they were about to be deployed to help oversee -- for support in an overseas mission. the attack happened just outside the international terminal in frankfurt. a dozen enforce security personnel had arrived on their way to the u.s. base in germany. law enforcement says the alleged gunman walked up to their bus, began arguing, pulled out a semi-automatic weapon and shouted the arabic words for "to god is great." two air and were dead and two others wounded. the emigre and the the man while outcontinued to shell ou "jihad." we are told he is a devout muslim. his relatives in kosovo cannot imagine this happened. they say that americans are their brothers. president obama made an unexpected appearance today the white house press briefing to express his outrage about the attack. he says that he will spare no effort in learning how it took plac
were lost. >> that was the president just a short time ago. the attackers believed to be from kosovo. he is in the custody of german police. a military source tells cnn the victims are airmen based in lakinheed in england. we're going to continue to follow this developing story and bring you developments throughout the hour. they are unfolding at any moment. >>> fast-moving developments also today in libya to tell you about. the libyan military has dropped three bombs on brega. president dents say the opposition has apparently maintained control of the town, managing to drive out libyan troops. that's not the only place to see military action. nearby, the military also bombed military camp on the outskirts of adabya. we're going to nic robertson in just a moment. again, we're hearing about obviously the opposition being fought by gadhafi and his forces. we'll get our nic robertson, who's joining us in a short time. >>> the aerial bombings by the libyan military have led some to propose the united states consider imposing a no fly zone over the country. but admirable mike mullen, chai
two such situations in bosnia and kosovo. i looked to see whether or not there was preauthorization at those interventions when there was specifically a no-fly zone that was requested by the united nations, an exact similar circumstance and there was not a prior resolution of congress at that time. i know previously there's been a lawsuit gone through war powers and the supreme court has ruled on it. >> so there's no question it's happened in the past. i know some want to put an end to it, both republicans and democrats. you have a long list. on the republican side and on the left side. it's an interesting question, no doubt about it. but to go to the substance of these strikes, you know, other things that people are saying, including congressman kucinich, wait a minute, we're in the middle of two others wars. that seems like a fair point. >> we're in this world together. what i talked about previously, people who are comparing it to josh george bush. this is not it's my way or the highway. george bush was going, the french wasn't there. we even changed french fries to freedom fries
may be from kosovo. thanks for joining us. now there are suggestions, inclueding from one g.o.p. lawmaker and from some terrorism experts, that this has the earmarks of a terrorist attack on our troops. >> it might. good to see you, megyn. it might not. it's important not to jump to conclusions. we need to let the facts drive the investigation. megyn: why would they think that jihadists from kosovo would be targeting potential -- that's what they do think, that it was a guy from kosovo that attacked the troops and kosovo has said it's one of their citizens in custody. why would they think he's a jihadist and why would they have interest in targeting our troops? >> they may know things that we don't know and that's all their saying now, so maybe they're right, but maybe they're not right. maybe it's a disturbed individual that's agery about our footprint in the balkan region in the '90s. maybe he's mad about the convictions in germany of various terrorists or just our presence in iraq or afghanistan or the troop presence by germans in -- as part of nato forces in afghanistan.
, a cause of the naonal, is now in police -- a kosovo national, is now in police custody. >> the vessel came under attack outside frankfurt airport's terminal 2. the suspect approached the bus and shot the first victim outside the vehicle. he then shot and kild the driver in his seat. two other soldiers were seriously wounded. police arrested the suspect, who they identified as a 21-year-old man from kosovo who lives in frankfurt. the state interior minister said the gunman's motive was not yet clear. >> i have no way of determining whether there was a terrorist, the hottest -- jihadist, or islamist background to the shooting. >> authorities have stepped up security. >> german chancellor merkle has confirmed a minor cabinet restructure after the resignation of defense minister karl-theodor zu guttenberg. the current interior minister, thomas de maiziere, will take over the defense portfolio. he will be replaced as interior minister by friedrich, the minister of the csu. earlier, we talked to our political correspondent and ask how strong the cabinet looks now, after this reshuffle. >> the ne
-old man said to be from kosovo. >> whether there is a terrorist or ge haddist or islamic background, i cannot say right now. but our investigations will reveal that and also what the perpetrator's motives are. >> security has been stepped up following information set to suggest a terror attack was planned. last october u.s. authorities warned service personnel in europe to be vigilant lent. they say the man arrested was not on the security watch list. >> when we received this information, we checked our database. i can confirm this person has not come up as a suspected terrorist on any list the kosovo people have. >> the scars of the shootings, clear to see. the german government is vowing to do its utmost to investigate what happened. david, "bbc news." >> you're watching "bbc world news." these are the headlines. a fresh air attack reported in a town after anti-gaddafi forces say they are back in control. thousands of migrant workers amass on the tunisian border as rescue efforts are stepped up. well, that exodus of refugees from not just libya buto north african countries as well cr
this is the first time we've ever had a no- fly zone. we've done if in kosovo, iraq, we caged saddam hussein. there's a possibility -- >> should under what a no-fly zone is. no fly means the enemies cannot -- the case of gaddafi, he cannot fly, but we can fly. that's what no-fly means. it doesn't mean we can't fly. it means the enemy can't fly. that's what obama wants. that's what he has got. >> it's not the first time that the u.s. has done that. we've done that in bosnia, in kosovo, in iraq. >> and hillary clinton said it never worked. [everyone talking at once] >> go ahead. >> by the way, we've done these no-fly zones over the former yugoslavia, iraq. it doesn't necessarily prevent the kind of humanitarian slaughter that we're trying to prevent here. two differences between reagan and obama. number one, american ready. reagan didn't wait for international stamp of approval to move. and number two, with reagan, there was a clear mission, a clear strategy, and clear american presidential leadership. we've had none of that in this case. >> that was before 9/11. >> it doesn't matter! you can argue -
when they failed in kosovo, rwanda and iraq. they remind us that unilateralism is no walk in the park, but multilateralism has their own problems already showing up in libya. andrea, we have also seen in the front of the financial times that david brooks was pressured in writing this piece because now there are fishers. france being jumped on by the united states and great britain. >> france also does not want to turn this over to no. great britain does. it's a divide. you have a weakness on the arab league. the leader is running for the presidency in egypt. he has his own pressures. they are not as heavy invested as they originally hoped. so far, one has said they will put planes in the sky and they haven't done it yet. >> no matter how many times we use the word multilateral, it is still the united states in the eyes of many around the world, is it not? >> it is. the french went in there. in the american -- our missiles -- [ laughter ] >> b-2, f-16 f-18, all the rest of it. if the united states pulls out of this, they are not going to be able to finish this game. >> the junior varsi
it appears to be a young man of kosovo nationality. >> no details about him, but what is known from your own experience, security that the airport. >> reporter: security at that airport has been considerably tightened up over the past couple of months because there have been a range of terror threats that german authorities took very seriously against installations here in the country. of course arntairports were amo those that had the highest security. so a lot of german police with light automatic rifles. and it seems to be the indication that the shooter was stopped very quickly if indeed me it on to the bus. so security has been tightened, but also that airport is one that is frequently used by u.s. service members to get back home from deployment, and also to get to deployment. there are a lot of u.s. service members stationed in gemp any, so quite a frequent sight to see american military personnel go in and out of that airport. when or not the shooter was looking for that is sitill unclear. >> cnn usa has joined us. americans concerned certainly for their service members in germany ri
-year-old ethnic albainan from kosovo, we're told he was radicalized over the past few weeks. bill: reportedly yelling "god is great" in arabic before starting with the gun fire. >> reporter: we don't have the identities of the air men killed or wounded, one said to be in critical condition at a hospital in frankfurt right now. it's really difficult to believe that this man, this shooter, who has confessed to killing the two air men was radicalized in the last few weeks, but that is what germany's interior minister is saying. family members who have been interviewed about the suspect, arid uka, say he was a tkwout muslim but that the whole family was extremely proamerican. they live in germany but they are from kosovo and say they are shocked -- they are shocked by this. the nato operation was what liberated kosovo, and americans are popular there. bill, the capitol city has a boulevard called bill clinton boulevard running through it. bill: you think about frankfurt, it's such a tranquil city and the relations are outstanding, the u.s. military there, very strong, 50,000 at the ne
and cease-fires is over. the president of kosovo has resigned after just one month in office following a ruling that his election was unconstitutional. he was elected to the largely ceremonial role by parliament. this week, the constitutional board says the vote was marred by irregularities, but it added the party itself had violated no laws. the president's resignation could spark a political prices -- crisis within the government. there will soon be more female executives in a german business role, but we are not sure how that will happen. on wednesday, the 30 blue-chip dax company's net, pledging to recruit and promote more women at the top level, but they could not agree on how to do that. >> this is one of the few women on a board of a dachshund-listed company. in this case, the energy company e.on. one in 10 directors are women. one director wants to change that, but she believes change should be flexible and introduced voluntarily at first. >> if we do not succeed in tripling the percentage of women in the board rooms, then the legal requirement to committed to the quotas will t
was some nato allies. several congressmen sued him telling him he had to stop fighting in kosovo until congress passed a resolution. he ignored it, won the court case. i got to say that in the standards of behavior of american presidents on something like this, this has been extremely -- i think the word is ineffective. >> look, i share your perspective, ambassador, that we should have acted by now. let's fast forward to a different problem. what if in fact gadhafi stops fighting? what if he actually says, fine, i will agree to a cease-fire, what happens then? does that take away the basis, the predicate for the u.s. and our allies to go in to enforce the no-fly zone, and do we then basically have a cease-fire in place, a status quo that leaves gadhafi in place? >> it might make it a little bit harder to act. but having now already both the arab league as of about a week ago and the security council, it seems to me we should go ahead and establish a no-fly zone and bring him under more and more pressure. there's nothing wrong with our hoping for -- forcing gadhafi from office if people
was acting alone. prosecutors say the suspect who was born in cozumel says he was inspired -- born in kosovo inspired to carry out the attacks after dealing jihadist sites. >> a man claims jihadist web sites inspired him. before wednesday there was nothing suspicious about the man of what he saw on the internet radicalize them within week >> in this case it highlights the importance of combating propaganda such as the material that probably lead to this incident. >> new details have emerged about the killings. the man shot his first trick them in the back of the head. he fired on his other victims at close range. the loss of life would have been greater but when he put his head to the fit servicemen's head, it jammed. >> initial investigations suggest this person was acting alone. there are no indications others were involved in the planning. or that he was a member of a terrorist network. >> prosecutors said this highlights the danger posed by individuals carrying out spontaneous terrorist acts. we will be back with an in-depth look at egypt on its path to reform. >> it has been three weeks
is an air force airman. the alleged gunmen is in custody and has been identified as a native of kosovo. more breaking news to tell you about, this time a controversy over those protests at military funerals. the supreme court has ruled that protesters from westboro baptist church have the right to take it with anti-gay -- picket with anti-gay messages at the funerals of fallen troops. it said that the protesters are protected by the first amendment. this is an 8-1 decision, upholding a lower court ruling that threw out ever awarded to the maryland father of a dead marine -- that throughout and awarded to the maryland father of a dead marine. the senate sent president obama a bill that would avoid a government shutdown. it would fund the government for just two weeks. it trims $4 billion from the federal budget. president obama has until friday to sign the measure and avert a shutdown altogether. the fight to legalize gay marriage in maryland is on hold as supporters fear they don't have the votes needed to pass it. two democratic delegates want more school funding for baltimore and prince ge
into the jungle by canoe. talks between the serbian and costs seven governments today -- kosovo government today. both sides have agreed to bring an end to the spread in conflict. still to come, how are arab women being affected by the unrest of their region? this is international women's day. america's highest-paid television actor, charlie sheen, has been sacked after an outburst by the start and revelations of off-screen drugs and sex. warner brothers said that they made the decision after careful consideration. >> this comes after weeks of bizarre behavior by charlie sheen, going on american talk shows, breakfast shows, chat shows, criticizing his former brought -- former bosses. last week they said the show was effectively on hold. now we have heard from a statement that the services of charlie sheen on "two and a half man" have been terminated who was involved in an altercation with his estranged wife. but he now claims, and has said so in recent appearances, that his behavior is extremely bizarre. he was americans highest television -- highest paid television star. it is a big question as
in the kosovo campaign. he is the brilliant architect of that successful prosecution of the kosovo air campaign against milosevic and i think there are a lot of lessons to be learned from what happened in kosovo in 1999 to what we should see unfold in the next two weeks. >> you want to pick up and run with that, when it comes to air power and enforcing the no-fly zones, what will be enforcing resolution 1973? >> i think a couple things. one, it's a different environmental situation than we had in kosovo. we went in there in march. we had a lot of cloud cover. we flew high so we didn't lose aircraft. we didn't have the advanced technology that's available on at least in the united states for our air forces right now, so we were less effective at dealing with ground forces as barbara starr mentioned last hour on this network. but we'll see whether france and uk and perhaps some of the emirate aircraft have the updated technology necessary to enable them to conduct effective strikes against forces on the ground. once the fighting devolves into fighting in the cities sh it's going to be very hard f
kosovo was not on any terrorism watch list. >> violence along the u.s./mexico border is a key topic of a discussion between president obama and the mexican president. the two leaders just wrapped up a conference at the white house a few months ago. president obama promised additional aid to secure the peace along both sides of the border. >> citizens and dedicated security forces have lost their lives. i have reaffirmed to the president that in this cause, mexico has a full partner with the united states. because whether they live in texas or tijuana, our people have a right to be safe in their communities. >> well, today's meeting comes three weeks after u.s. immigration and customs enforcement agent was shot to death with a gun smuggled into the united states. >> let's check the forecast. >> yes, very nice. you can take a nice walk today and not worry about getting too wet. still a chance of a stray shower but a drying tend as we head toward the weekend. >> mike, thank you. the underdog who has beaten the great odds of a new life until hundreds of people want to give him a new hom
a different case from the actions they took in kosovo. >> what could be so desired that it draws crowd's emotions? a new run of libya's flag. they are taking back libya. [crowd noise] and the mood is defiant. today, they took to the streets again. fighting has become a day of prayer. what are they shouting? gaddafi is a coward, they say. after all the bravado, they don't have the firepower to take him on. it has been up point of -- a point of pride. >> we need an airstrike. we don't need an american intervention. but we need them to make an airstrike. >> without the air strike, can you win this war? hong >> is very difficult. there is no balance between powers. you don't have anything but rivals and some guns. -- rifles and some guns. >> libyans are a proud people. >> [crowd noise] >> they don't care about the airplanes, he tells us. they will fight with everything they have. he is the fight that led the resistance against italy's occupation and won. stepping away with a swagger. these young men might see themselves marching on tripoli. but their gym shoes may only take them so far. >>
. it turns out that the gunman may be from kosovo, and the kosovo's interior minister told the associated press that the german police have identified the gunman as a kosovo national. and the u.s. army has not confirmed the casualties at this point, but reportedly one service member -- no, now we are confirming that u.s. military officials are confirming at least one u.s. service member was killed when that gunman opened fire on the bus today. >>> two u.s. warships are moving closer to the libyan coast by order of robert gates. gates is also sending 400 marines to replace some of the troops who left one of those ships for afghanistan. moammar gadhafi warned that thousands of libyans will die if the u.s. or united nations forces intervene. he is causing a counter conflict outside of the city where shots were fired 500 miles from the capital of libya. battle is waging over a major oil port there in benghazi, and tell us where things stand in the fighting today? >> well, today, contessa, they are going back and forth. gadhafi's forces and 50 suvs and some of them with mounted machine guns st
heavy security. the ethnic albanians from kosovo who lives in germany is a recently radicalized muslim. he approached the bus of american airmen outside of terminal two. he yelled in arabic, "god is great," as he fired nine rounds. the two other airmen were blended -- were wounded. >> i am glad he is alive. >> two families were left without their sons. the u.s. is still investigating. >> we're looking into his relationship with others. >> he is held on two counts of murder and three counts of attempted murder. his father said, "americans are our friends and they have helped us. i can never agree with what has happened." >> we now turn to the latest in a crisis in libya. president obama has authorized military planes to fly toward the african country. evacuation planes could leave as early as friday from the u.s. military air base in germany. many people have fled libya and are stranded in tunisia. >>> late today, and then may be revealed the results of a tense and a good -- a tense investigation into risque videos aboard a navy ship. >> the investigation singles out those up the top, t
decades ago, from kosovo. last night, his relatives in kosovo said they could not imagine something like this could happen because they said, americans are their brothers. this investigation is continuing. but as of now, officials say there's no reason to think that the gunman acted as part of a larger terrorism plot. peggy and mike? >> all right, emily. live from washington this morning. thank you. >>> in libya, the fighting between rebels and forces loyal to mommar gadhafi is escalating. gadhafi is making good on his threat to quote, until the last man or woman. thousands filled the square in the heart of tripoli last night, waving the libyan flag. gadhafi threatened to turn his country into another vietnam, if the u.s. intervened. >>> and there's been a legal setback in efforts to free a cia contractor held in pakistan. a court ruled today that ray davis is not protected by diplomatic immunity in the shooting deaths of two pakistani. a higher court could reverse that decision. davis says that he acted in self-defense. the case has damaged u.s. relations with pakistan, a key ally in th
out from the senate on this before. it's starting to look to me like kosovo. if we remember in the late '90s when bill clinton with very thin and indeed no congressional approval went in there and sort of launched humanitarian bombing campaign to protect the enclave in the former yugoslavia. milsova capitulate and withdrew his troops from kosovo. i'm not sure that there is a scenario under which gaddafi is going to behave the same way here. that is probably where the problem comes in. >> he withdrew because he was afraid the u.s. would put ground troops in there. we ruled that out. >> yeah. >> charles, we're seeing uprisings throughout the region now. and that is one of the most remarkable things about this. especially in syria, the most repressive regime in the region. >> that is what is so surprising. is you have crowds courageous protesters in the southern area of syria. come out in the street. it is reported today in the tens of thousands. and the authorities are just shooting people in the street. when you talk about levels of repression, this is a very early use of the
of the bus is dead. one u.s. soldier is dead. and a 21-year-old man, said to be from kosovo was arrested at the scene. that is about all the information we have, right now. but the fact is, as we have them, a u.s. soldier, shot and killed on board a bus outside terminal 2 at frankfurt's airport. and we're working on people in the area and we'll get more and a military expert on the air to explain the significance of this, momentarily and, warren, michigan, i s.w.a.t. team developed, a situation with a s.w.a.t. team responded to this home, with heavy duty hardware. here's what we understand. a domestic situation, at a condominium complex, behind the police department involving a man and his son. police have been trying to contact them, no success so far. they've set up a perimeter in that swat vehicle, it is now parked on the front lawn in the snow and schools in the area on lockdown as a precaution, wjbk on that, warren, michigan and back to frankfurt, two stories happening now in "america's newsroom," we're back on both, right after this. we are not doing it. you've done racy go dad com
campaign, like kosovo, weeks and weeks and weeks, you don't want the anger, the frustration, directed straight at the americans and the british and the french. >> tell me, why france? france has the meeting's in paris, france has led the way. france has been amongst the most bellicos bellicose. >> sarkozy's humanitarian impulse. i think there's certainly an element to that. and britain for cameron as well. there are french elections coming up. and also they have been burned heavily by their action in tunisia, where their foreign minister offered support to president ben ali and subsequently resigned. so, we've seen element of repentance and remorse, i think, driving some french policy here. >> okay, before we finish, just briefly, what do you expect, then, from paris today? >> i think they will be pushing their allies, pulling in the united states from one side, pulling in qatar and uae from the other side and saying let's hit these ground targets early on before he can play us for many more days. >> shashank joshi, thanks. there is new unrest in the arab world. it goes beyond libya.
against humanity committed in kosovo in the late '90s. stover recruited patrick ball to document and analyze why ethnic albanian kosovars were fleeing kosovo at a time nato was bombing serb troops. >> was the migration and mass killing in kosovo the product of nato's bombing, of the albanian guerrillas, or was it part of a systematic campaign by yugoslav forces? that's a critical question of fact which statistics help us answer in a pretty definitive way, and that changes history forever. >> reporter: ball's testimony before an international war crimes tribunal was used by prosecutors to prove the intent of ethnic cleansing. with the international criminal court now investigating possible crimes against humanity committed in libya, benetech believes its scientific analysis of data will be in high demand throughout the middle east. >> woodruff: after a somewhat muted start, the early stage of the contest for the 2012 republican presidential nomination has kicked into a higher gear, as the field of contenders has begun to take shape. the big move this week came from former minnesot
. >> a u.s. official says that the gunman is believed to be from kosovo. >>> libyan leader moammar qaddafi is vowing to stay in control as hi forces continue violent attacks on protesters. the united nations is asking for air strikes and two u.s. warships are ready for orders from the white house in the sea. secretary of state hillary clinton says all options are now on the table. >>> well, a same-sex marriage bill survive the day? lawmakers have not decided if the bill could be put to a critical vote today. pat warren, live with the latest. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. everybody, two of the bills spontaneous source who would cast deciding votes are still holding out. the house of delegates was a buzz this morning with the turn of events in the committee yesterday. same-sex sponsor and delegate dodged questions about whether she will vote for the bill today, while committee members speculated on what happens next. >> we don't know what to expect right now. i don't think anybody does. this thing is dynamic. clearly right now, the votes aren't there. if they were, we would h
notiió en kosovo y alero detuvieron el presidente barack obama dinoticiero univisionuniv por esto. >>> y la corte suprema de justicia decido ió hoy que los ac tifrs taso antihomosexuales que protestan en funerales de soldados caídos tienen derechos y el padre de un militoir a muerto demandó a miembros de esa iglesia cuando hicieron una protesta frente al funeral de su hijo. >>> y el presidente colombiano juan manuel santos le recordó a las farc que murieron sus máximos comandantes en marzo el año pasado. y dio órdenes a fueras armadas isionla ofensiva enunivisionnot >>ion elivisionoticiero univisi la organización presentó demanda contraivisiounivisionnoticieroÁs por discriminación a policías hispanos y por violar derechos de trabajo estatales y federals, un reportaje. >>> y escuchen estoivisioero un. >> adelante ustedes. >> gracias. >>> y última pausa en en seguida enticier estos tiempos de escas empleos piense antes de aceptac >> vunivisos comnoero unuidarsio >>o univnisionnoticiunivisunionn . >> . >> en épocas de altos índices de desempleo hallar un trabajo es ionunivisionn
happened. the shooter has been identified as a 21-year-old. >> back in kosovo, his cousin says he cannot believe this happens. >> authorities believe the gunman was a lone wolf on a facilitated -- an affiliate with any terrorist group. >>> turning to the crisis in libya, clashes are growing more violent. there are reports of more air strikes against rebel forces in the city of brega. government warplanes launched a new air strike in an attempt to retake the port. opposition forces want the west to launch air strikes but the pentagon played down the idea of using military force. >> let's just call a spade a spade. a no-fly zone begins with an attack on libya. to the jury the air defenses. it is a big operation in a big country. >> the u.s. military is stepping up its presence by moving military forces closer to libyan shores. the prosecutor of the international criminal courts as he will investigate gaddafi and his inner circle for possible crimes against humanity. >>> maryland lawmakers have not scheduled the next about in the showdown over gay marriage. the baltimore delegate says she w
. the president of kosovo has resigned after just one month in office following a ruling that his election was unconstitutional. he was elected to the largely ceremonial role by parliament. this week, the constitutional board says the vote was marred by irregularities, but it added the party itself had violated no laws. the president's resignation could spark a political prices -- crisis within the government. there will soon be more female executives in a german business role, but we are not sure how that will happen. on wednesday, the 30 blue-chip dax company's net, pledging to recruit and promote more women at the top level, but they could not agree on how to do that. >> this is one of the few women on a board of a dachshund-listed company. in this case, the energy company e.on. one in 10 directors are women. one director wants to change that, but she believes change should be flexible and introduced voluntarily at first. >> if we do not succeed in tripling the percentage of women in the board rooms, then the legal requirement to committed to the quotas will take effect. >> employment m
, you know, kosovo when the democrats are for it and go to iraq when the republicans are for it. it seems the media coverage and the commentary seems whether or not this is a just war or not seems to be pret pretty-- >> do you agree? >> no, i think the media has spent the last week trying to figure out what this mission is, what its definition is, what it involves on the part of the american government, who is going to be in charge of it. how long it's going to last, and the obama white house has been stonewalling. i mean, it is unbelievable that the media have been banging their heads against the door, trying to get answers to the questions that americans need unsuccessfully. >> should be the press be calling for more clarity. >> they have been pressing the past week the problem is it sort of snuck up on them. by the way, i'm going to do this in libya. so i think that's part of the issue and i think they asked great questions at the one press conference they were given and the one opportunity they were given and president obama is not happy about it. and i do think that the pre
yesterday. two others were injured. officials say he's from kosovo. family members describe him as a devout ms. luslim. >>> the man who assassinateded robert f. kennedy has been denied parole once again. a board member said he was, quote, not responsive, very impulsive in his actions and needs more work. the panel recommend he get help for his anger management problems, as well. he's eligible again in five years. >>> a northern have a are a teacher will appear in court on child pornography charges. kevin ricks was charged last july with possessing and transporting child pornography. he was also accused of having sex with a 16-year-old boy. for that i needed guilt it toy an idecent liberties charge. >>> animal control is on the lookout for a pit bull that attacked and killed a small dog. gwendolyn says she took her cat and medium pincher for a walk two weeks ago. rocky was on a leash and that's when a pit bull came up from behind and jumped on the small dog. she tried on save her dog but couldn't make it. p. >> i kept banging and he wouldn't let rocky go and he took my dog all the way across
kosovo in custody for a deadly attack on a u.s. military bus near the frankfurt airport. they say the suspect briefly entered the bus, started shooting and was caught when he tried to escape. the driver and a passenger were killed. two others were wounded. they were all u.s. air force airmen on their way to deployment and were about to fly on a commercial plane from that airport. a member of the homeland security department says it looks like a terrorist attack. >>> today, the supreme court ruled that fundamentalist church members who hold anti- gay protests outside military funerals are protected by the first amendment. the high court voted 8-1 in favor of the westborough baptist church of toe pea topeka, kansas. that throws out the $5 million judgment against the church. the father of a dead marine sued the church. church members say the deaths in afghanistan and iraq are punishment for homosexuality. >>> a man's body was found inside of a jewelry store last night on mason street. the grim discovery came while police were checking on the welfare of the unidentified man. homicide
was upset because he did not let her use the restroom. >>> and the 21-year-old kosovo national was recently -- >>> 21 students from mc mcclain high were practices when their boat overturned. they were all taken to the hospital and treated for exposure. >>> the navy has concluded it's investigation into a series of lewd videos produced and aired on board the u.s.s. enterprise. joel brown report, letters of sensure have been issued to the navy men. >> reporter: the navy is asking the pent gone to sensure four officers in connection with lewd videos. >> that the production and broadcast of these videos represented a significant departure from expected standards of personal behavior and professional leadership in the united states navy. >> reporter: two of the men are demanding officers from the enterprise and two executive officers. one of whom is captain owen honors, he starred in several of those videos that included simulated sex acts, slurs toward gays and suggestive shower scenes. navy officials reassigned him to add administrative job here at norfolk. more than 6,000 people have joined a
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